Zheng Rongcai(Journal of Earth Science)Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy of the Oxfordian Carbonate Rocks in Amu Darya Basin
日期:2013年09月05日 01:48:00

标题:Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Stratigraphy of the Oxfordian Carbonate Rocks in Amu Darya Basin

作者:Zheng, Rongcai; Pan, Yanghui; Zhao, Can; Wu, Lei; Chen, Renjin; Yang, Rui

期刊:JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCE ,2013,24(1),42-56


摘要:Based on the detailed research on petrologic and geochemical characteristics of deposition and diagenesis of Oxfordian carbonate rocks in Amu Darya Basin, Turkmenistan, carbon and oxygen isotopes were analyzed. The results show that the paleoenvironmental evolution reflected by the samples with well-preserved original carbon isotopes coincides with the carbon-isotope stratigraphic curve and is almost consistent with the global sea-level curve, the Mid-Oxfordian wide transgression, and the positive carbon-isotope excursion event. The Mid-Oxfordian continuing transgression not only laid the foundation for the development of the Oxfordian reef and shoal reservoirs in Amu Darya Basin but also provided an example for the Oxfordian global transgression and the resulting development of reefs and banks and high-speed organic carbon burial events. The response of oxygen isotopes in diagenetic environment showed that micrite limestones and granular limestones underwent weak diagenetic alteration, and the samples largely retained the original seawater features. Dolomitization and the precipitation of hydrothermal calcites filling solution vugs and fractures before hydrocarbon accumulation occurred in a closed diagenetic environment where the main controlling factor is the temperature, and the diagenetic fluids were from the deep hot brine. The chalkification of the limestones after hydrocarbon accumulation occurred in the oilfield water systems.