Liu Shugen(International Geology Review)SOPHIA TITLE
日期:2013年09月05日 01:48:00


作者:Liu, Shugen; Deng, Bin; Jansa, Luba; Wang, Guozhi; Li, Xianghui; Wang, Chengshan; Liu, Shun; Li, Zhiwu; Li, Juchu; Sun, Wei; Ran, Bo

期刊:INTERNATIONAL GEOLOGY REVIEW,2013,55(16),2008-2015


摘要:Growing geologic evidence documents incremental Mesozoic and early Cenozoic shortening and thickening of the Tibetan crust prior to the onset of the main Cenozoic orogenic event. The Tibetan crust shows spatial and temporal variability in thickness, style, and timing of thickening, and in plateau-forming processes. The Songpan-Ganzi area of northeastern Tibet provides evidence for shortening and thickening of the crust in Late Triassic time. An oil exploratory well (HC-1) of 7012.4m located in the area shows at least six tectonic repetitions, resulting in more than approximate to 46% thickening of the Triassic sequence. It indicates that the true thickness of the Songpan-Ganzi Triassic flysch is not 10-15 km as previously assumed, but not more than 3-5 km. Based on this evidence, combined with prior tectonostratigraphic studies, we propose that substantial crustal shortening and thickening, leading to initial plateau formation in the northeastern Tibetan Plateau, had already occurred during the Late Triassic.