Densmore, Alexander L.(Nature Geoscience)Isostasy can not be ignored reply
日期:2013年08月25日 11:25:37

标题:Isostasy can not be ignored reply

作者:Densmore, Alexander L.;Parker, Robert N.;Rosser, Nicholas J.;de Michele, Marcello;Li, Yong;Huang, Runqiu

期刊:Nature Geoscience, 2012, 5(2): 83-84


摘要:Authors' reply:We thank Peter Molnar for his interest in our work1, and for graciously (and quite correctly) pointing out the potential role of isostasy in the long-term volume balance of the Longmen Shan orogen. However, his point does not affect the primary message of our paper, which was to assess…


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